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About Sarah

Sarah Rapaport is an NCCAOM and California State board certified Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Diplomate of Oriental Medicine who lives & writes in Israel and the U.S.
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Health and Wellness Benefits in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
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Great Things To Know About Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
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Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

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Insights Into Fertility

Hello Acu-Wellness Warriors!!

I hope this post finds you all feeling well :) !

My Mentor Denise Wiesner L.Ac. a Chinese Medicine Fertility specialist in Los Angeles, CA just posted this informative video on fertility.

Hope you enjoy!

Fertility Inspiration


Good Morning Sunshine!

As an Acupuncturist and Wellness advisor, I find myself being asked quite often, not exactly what I recommend but how to implement tools to help my patients feel better and get a great start to their morning :)

5 Transformational Tips to PUMP YOU UP in the AM

1- HYDRATE- A squeeze of LEMON in WARM WATER, or APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, 2 tblsp in warm water, are a great way to start off the morning and will help hydrate you before the influx of coffee.

2- HOT SHOWER- to open those pores, and refresh you from your evening sleep and spark your creativity for the day ahead

3- JOURNAL- make a list of ten things you’re grateful for. Gratitude lists are a key to emotional health. They boost self esteem, de-stress the mind and body and work to build automatic positive thought trains.

4- BREATHE- 5 min meditation to work your way into the day ahead and let your mind settle into the mindfulness, meaning, and purpose in the day ahead

5- DECLUTTER- get rid of something in the morning, delete, clear away anything that is draining your energy


Benefits of Sleep

7 Health Benefits of Sleep

“Sleep is the best meditation” Dalai Lama

1- HEART HEALTH: 7-9 hours of sleep nightly is known to reduce risk of heart disease and stroke. Lack of sleep worsens blood pressure and cholesterol, so nourish your heart and take some good long naps these days. Read more