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Author: Sarah

Sarah Rapaport is an NCCAOM board certified Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Diplomate of Oriental Medicine living in Jerusalem, Israel.

Insights Into Fertility

Hello Acu-Wellness Warriors!!

I hope this post finds you all feeling well :) !

My Mentor Denise Wiesner L.Ac. a Chinese Medicine Fertility specialist in Los Angeles, CA just posted this informative video on fertility.

Hope you enjoy!

Fertility Inspiration


Good Morning Sunshine!

As an Acupuncturist and Wellness advisor, I find myself being asked quite often, not exactly what I recommend but how to implement tools to help my patients feel better and get a great start to their morning :)

5 Transformational Tips to PUMP YOU UP in the AM

1- HYDRATE- A squeeze of LEMON in WARM WATER, or APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, 2 tblsp in warm water, are a great way to start off the morning and will help hydrate you before the influx of coffee.

2- HOT SHOWER- to open those pores, and refresh you from your evening sleep and spark your creativity for the day ahead

3- JOURNAL- make a list of ten things you’re grateful for. Gratitude lists are a key to emotional health. They boost self esteem, de-stress the mind and body and work to build automatic positive thought trains.

4- BREATHE- 5 min meditation to work your way into the day ahead and let your mind settle into the mindfulness, meaning, and purpose in the day ahead

5- DECLUTTER- get rid of something in the morning, delete, clear away anything that is draining your energy


Benefits of Sleep

7 Health Benefits of Sleep

“Sleep is the best meditation” Dalai Lama

1- HEART HEALTH: 7-9 hours of sleep nightly is known to reduce risk of heart disease and stroke. Lack of sleep worsens blood pressure and cholesterol, so nourish your heart and take some good long naps these days. Read more


Quit Smoking Now with this Awesome App!

Quit it

Quit-it is a tiny motivating program, supporting and encouraging smokers to quit smoking and helping ex-smokers to stay quit.

It keeps track of the cigarettes you did not smoke and how much money you are saving. Furthermore it shows the benefits of quitting as text and calculates a nice ranking for you.

* Shows your saved money.
* Shows how much cigarettes you did not smoke.
* Share your success via Facebook, Twitter or Email.
* Shows the tar you did not consume.
* Shows benefits of quitting.


Bob Marley and The Book of Exodous

By: Benjamin Rapaport, Author The Jewish Art of Self Discovery

Rolling Stone magazine (2004) lists “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley as #68 of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. In the chorus, Marley belts out from the depths of his heart: “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds…” This message has resonated with millions of fans over the last thirty-plus years since he first sang it.

Marley understood that slavery is much more than a physical reality. As the kabbalists taught, existence is multi-layered. Every physical reality possesses a deeper spiritual core that lies at its heart. Slavery is no exception to this rule. Read more


Transforming Fear & Getting Back On The Bike!

Getting Back On the Bike & 5 Ways to Overcome Fear Post Injury!

By: Sarah Rapaport

Recently, a close friend of mine took me to a spinning class. As I hopped on the bike and adjusted it, visions of a time twelve years before, came flooding through my muscle memory. I was sixteen and spinning had become an intense passion for me. I jumped on my bike and while riding my foot slipped out of the pedal and my spinning hobby took a pause. I had quite a gash in my leg and hundreds of stitches later I went home and began the healing process. Shortly after my spinning injury I decided to return and get back on the bike just to prove to myself that I wasn’t scared. Read more


Winter Treats!

By: Shelley Shafran

This week in Israel is one of rains of blessing. The temperature has dropped and the Mashiv HaRu’ach has the winds howling and the rain falling. And how to remember these droves of rain, sleet and hail are a blessing when you emerge from the wind-swept day, shivering to your core? Crockpot cider, of course!
Read more


INNER WISDOM Insights by noted author and lecturer Benjamin Rapaport

Take a little moment to have a cup of tea or cup of sanity and explore some of the ways we can soften into the day with these powerful insights. Love and blessings for a very happy Teusday! x S


Before training in martial arts, practitioners stretch in order to be as flexible as possible. The reason is simple: When they get pulled, flipped, twisted, and turned, they do not want to break or tear something. Experience has taught them that being able to bend keeps them from getting broken. Read more


Shelley's Tov Meod Teusday's Tips Continue!!!

Shelley’s Tov Meod Teusdays:

Cleaning. There are those who find cleaning like dishwashing to be a calming meditative practice and then there are those of us who find spirituality in other activities relegating house cleaning to chores. Recently I have moved from the latter approach to the former and while scrubbing the bathtub and rinsing glasses are not my favorite activities I have come to welcome them as important steps in guarding the health of my home and in turn my own well-being. Read more


Shelley's Tov Meod Teusday!!

Again we have the privilege of having Shelley’s Contribution on our blog!!!

This blog post was meant for last Teusday, my sincerest apologies for the delay:

In memory of my grandmother, Lil Shafran, Leah bat Yosef, z”l.

I am the bearer of an invaluable treasure trove of memories of the most elegant and regal women I ever had the merit of knowing. My maternal grandmother was everything to me. She carried herself with poise and grace, her stylish appearance an external mirror of her inner refinement. And while my grandmother always made certain we were well fed and satiated she did not fit the mold of the typical “Jewish Bubbie” piling plates high with artery clogging delicacies while gently urging her grandchildren to “eat more”. She was a woman of moderation. She paced herself. The gentle urgings were to take just what you need and when you’re full to stop.
Read more