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“I went to see Sarah and there is something very special and unique about the way she treated me. She really took the time to listen to what I needed and was concerned about and then she began to work her magic! She incorporated massage into the acupuncture I came in for, which was an awesome bonus I was not expecting and there is something about her that you just feel sooo much better when you leave. I decided to do a series of treatments with Sarah, after seeing many other acupuncturists, she is by far my favourite, being that she is attentive, sensitive, gentle and offers me so much of her wisdom and time. You are blessed if you have Sarah heal you. Thank you Sarah for all your effort and amazing work with me. I know I am better (I feel it in my body, energy levels and overall mood) and will continue my treatments with you!” (J.E.)

“Sarah is not just a talented acupuncturist. Not just an intuitive healer. And not just a kind, humble individual. Sarah is one of those people who is just gifted with that special touch that brings positivity and goodness to everyone she encounters. The combination of her healing touch and her wholesome values will surely bring about some form of energy boost, vitality and healing to all who enter her practice. Thank you Sarah for helping my body deal with stress, pain and lack of movement. I am a big fan of your practice”. (R.N.)

“I have had acupuncture many times and the way Sarah Rapaport provides acupuncture is extraordinarily healing.
I recently took a trip and before flying I was nervous about an oncoming sinus infection. After a
treatment with Sarah, I had an amazing flight and wellness throughout my trip”. (M.R.)

“I had never tried acupuncture before and didn’t really know much about it, but a lot of stress from work and my move to a new country led me to Sara who introduced me to a form of treatment I think everyone should be doing! Sarah is professional, friendly, and extremely knowledgable – both about acupuncture and life. Listen to her advice! The days that I receive acupuncutre from Sarah are the best days of my week – I have more energy, my mood is better, and I feel more balanced. I highly recommend you give it a try!” (J.H.)

“Sarah has successfully treated and cured my sinus infections through acupuncture on a few occasions- in only a mere few treatments! I walk out of each acupuncture session with a boost of energy, am more focused and relaxed, and feel stronger, and sick less often. I have seen positive results for a range of symptoms including congestion, sore throat, cramping, muscle aches, and low energy” (A.G.)

“The acupuncture by Sarah was fantastic. It improved my immune system and I felt so relaxed and great afterward. Sara’s desire to make you feel so comfortable during the treatments and her accomodating to always fit me in her busy schedule made me feel so happy that I found someone so caring and dedicated to healing. I am so grateful to Sarah Rapaport!” (Anonymous)

“A veteran patient of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I began coming to Sarah for treatment after sustaining a ligament tear in my knee. I came looking for relief from related discomfort but was provided with so much more – stronger immunity, improved mood, more balanced overall health. Sarah’s knowledge and training runs broad and deep. In addition to her primary treatment method of acupuncture, Sarah is well versed in additional healing methods and incorporates practices such as massage and aromatherapy in her sessions to provide the most effective and nurturing treatment to her patients. Sarah continues to build on her solid academic and clinical foundation in order to offer clients the most comprehensive care available. Her high degree of professionalism is surpassed only by her kindness and warmth. Patients the world over – both newcomers to the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine and long-time patients alike – will quickly be assuaged by Sarah’s gentle touch and reap the benefits of harmonious health and wellbeing.” (S.S.)

“Sarah Rapaport is an extremely skilled acupuncturist, and it is clear that she is very well trained. When I went to her for pain in my shoulder, she helped considerably (and without much pain). She is also easy to deal with has a great bedside manner. I would recommend her services unconditionally” (M.R.)

“I have never been one for ‘alternative medicine’ but having heard from many people how helpful acupuncture can be for different issues I decided to give it a try. All I can say is I’m converted. Sara is thorough and caring. She makes you feel like you are being heard and treats whatever you are there for with a holistic view – joining the dots if you like between your body’s functioning as a whole. On top of that, you come out feeling deeply relaxed, physically and mentally. I can’t recommend Sarah enough”. (S.W.)

Herbal Consult
“Thank you! I came to you feeling like I had an infection for several days. You listened patiently to my symptoms & prescribed an herb to take that was in an easy to swallow pill. I felt a dramatic improvement from just one dose of herbs! It was my first experience with Chinese herbs and I’m really impressed! Thanks for having such a great bed-side manner and making me feel better”. (I.H.)