Good Morning Sunshine!

As an Acupuncturist and Wellness advisor, I find myself being asked quite often, not exactly what I recommend but how to implement tools to help my patients feel better and get a great start to their morning :)

5 Transformational Tips to PUMP YOU UP in the AM

1- HYDRATE- A squeeze of LEMON in WARM WATER, or APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, 2 tblsp in warm water, are a great way to start off the morning and will help hydrate you before the influx of coffee.

2- HOT SHOWER- to open those pores, and refresh you from your evening sleep and spark your creativity for the day ahead

3- JOURNAL- make a list of ten things you’re grateful for. Gratitude lists are a key to emotional health. They boost self esteem, de-stress the mind and body and work to build automatic positive thought trains.

4- BREATHE- 5 min meditation to work your way into the day ahead and let your mind settle into the mindfulness, meaning, and purpose in the day ahead

5- DECLUTTER- get rid of something in the morning, delete, clear away anything that is draining your energy