POST Festival ROSH HASHANA/SUKKOT & Pre-Thanksgiving Food Fest preparation guide

Feeling sluggish?

Overly emotional?

Have you seen your reflection in the bottom of a pie dish recently?

Finish a half a cake and cant figure out where it went?

Self Caring Steps to Letting Go of the Guilt with Food Festing:

S- Slow down and have a bit of Seaweed. Put it in some miso soup, chop it up add scallions and voila you’ve got yourself a little diuretic beverage, drink in a cup and you’re good to go.

P- Let go of perfection, everyone has moments where they feel overwhelmed, low energy and reach for a quick pick me up, allow yourself a drawing board to make mistakes…every day is a rough draft for the next as you grow in understanding of what real nutrition means to you and your body

A- Allow your body a drink pause, drink water, get yourself out of the house, listen to music, the body gets very dehydrated with overeating so you’ve got to replenish your water supply as you begin your post-chag recovery process 

C- Cut Out the Mind Crowd. Be aware that when overeating, there’s often a surge of endorphins followed by a dip, or maybe even a plunge. Your mood may plummet, your mind crowded with upsetting thoughts, mood swings, crying. Allow your system to embrace whatever comes up, journal it, write it down and use it for your own personal awareness log, as you come to understand what actually motivated you to overeat.

E- EMBRACE! The good news. You are resilient, pick yourself up and enter into the loveliness and cushioned stages of post chag recovery. Don’t beat yourself up, get a massage, diffuse some aromatherapy oils, pamper your body and your soul, gradually moving into self care will enable your body to reprogram how you eat coming into with the divine rhythm of your nature especially in how you eat.

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